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Like I said, I’m talking about situations I’ve been through – in the past. – This is not my current situation anymore, for a few years now 🙂

Now I live in a building alone, with seven small studio’s and 1 landlord, and my neighbour, who I share a bathroom with, he DIED, and no-one including my landlord even told me! His stuff is still in his place and all. I don’t even know he has got family left. Now that’s is the complete opposite of having arguments with housemates, right!? I geuss I’d rather cry about some girl, haha 😀

But yes, changing your mindset might improve things, up to a certain point.

About the now what?? question: here’s a shot: some kind of anarcho-communism, which isn’t seperated from everything else, but embedded in it, like a network of communities that support each other, and within that network, transparent organisations that keep everything in check and who have some power to do so. For example to make sure the rainforest is not disapearing, or poison is not being dumped in the ocean etc. etc. the wellbeing of our whole ecosystem and everything in it as the main purpose, where people can still be people, not just gears in a self destructing machine.