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James Lynch

Hi Chris,

I’ve got a couple questions, and would like to hear your insights on them.

1) I am 20 years old and am 99.99999% sure I don’t want kids. I REALLY don’t want kids, and have strongly considered getting a vasectomy. The one thing holding me back is that I have not yet been in a serious long-term romantic relationship, so I don’t know how my feelings would change in that context. Regardless, I kind of just want to get the snip, be done with it, and be able to exhale a bit. What do you think?

2) I recently started a job doing marketing/sales stuff for a roofing restoration company. For now, it’s interesting because everything is totally novel and I’m learning a ton. Also, it pays pretty well and will let me get money for school and travel. I see a lot of parallels between how I ended up in this job and how you ended up in the Diamond District, if that helps. Anywho, I know that I don’t want to do this long-term and am afraid of getting sucked into the American consumerist trap and still being here in twenty years. Do you have any advice for surviving in a job like this without your soul getting eaten?

3) When are you going to put up more TOMAs?