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Askin Karaduman

Hi Chris,

This is Askin, (probably) your most loyal follower from the city of Istanbul. I’ve come across a paper titled: “Finding Life Satisfaction Beyond Meaning: An Immediate-Delayed Return Compensation Perspective”. And here is a quote from the paper:

“More specifically, the theory starts with the assumption that humans possess a set of sensitivities and predispositions that helped their distant ancestors survive and reproduce in the context of immediate-return societies(i.e., foragers). These societies are characterized by small temporal windows, frequent feedback regarding goal progressing, and little pressure to adhere to specific roles and justifying stories.

In complex, modern societies(i.e., delayed-return societies), on the other hand, people often have to engage in immediate effort for delayed, uncertain outcomes. This effort-outcome disjunction can lead people to experience long periods of insecurity. To cope with this insecurity, people developed complex societal mechanisms such as contracts and agents to enforce them (Cohen, 1985) and justifying stories such as just world beliefs (Martin, 1999).”

full paper: https://www.psychology.uga.edu/sites/default/files/CVs/I-D%20Compensation%20and%20Meaning%20in%20Life.pdf

Long story short, the paper suggests that meaning seeking is not an inherent feature but a by-product of large, complex socities. Would you agree?

Thank you for changing my zoo.