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Hey Chris! I love you, man! My real uncle was weird, but more in a sad way than a cool way. I often feel like you’re the weird-uncle-in-a-cool-way that I never had. Anyways, I’ve thought a lot about your (and my own) perspective on the deterioration of American society and the impending crises that our world faces. I’m really interested in hearing more about your ideas on the “life boat” (I believe you mentioned it on a recent intro, saying you would be revealing more info about it when some of your friends had finalized their plans or something), something I’ve long thought about, too. Not to be presumptuous, but I think I have a decent idea of where you’re ideas are headed. I was wondering if you would consider encouraging your listeners to start local pages, or meet here on this forum, somewhere where the socially-inept people such as myself might be able to meet locals that share similar interests (i:e: the subject matter of your podcast/books), values, and world-views, and perhaps create some life boats of our own. The Boardhost site for my state (Minnesota) has two comments, one that is clearly spam. I haven’t seen any other good sites. Not to put any onus on you, trust me, you do a lot for your listeners already through your work. But it’d be awesome if you could put a call out to your audience, so we could have an easier way of finding each other. Just think, you could have all sorts of communities all over the place to bring Scarlett Jovanson on the Vanthropology tour! And, who knows, your listenership could put together an interesting sociological experiment. We won’t put you on a pedestal and turn it into a cult, we swear! Just kidding, of course. We totally would. *wink* Love you, Chris!