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Hey Chris, Really enjoyed your recent episode with hipcrime and thank you for two life changing books.

Particularly interesting to me was the idea of limited growth in all systems and the state of diminishing returns we now find ourselves in both economically and ecologically.

I wanted to ask, have you read any of Vasclav Smil’s work?
He Has written a number of books which address this theme of plateau like curves in terms of technology, economics and more specifically energy production.
He asserts that if we all adopt a rational use of energy, we could all live relatively well fed and comfortable lives. The idea being if folks in the first world could adopt a lifestyle similar to that experienced in France during the 1960’s, then we would consume significantly less fuel and materials.

Do you agree that the lion’s share of our damage to the planet could be mitigated through more rational choices as citizens / consumers?
Honda civic’s over SUV’s, Camping over a tropical vacation, Van over a House, minimalism over consumerism, etc.

Do you feel that the trend toward subsidizing “renewable energy” projects is really just a transfer of wealth from oil producers to steel, coal and solar industries?

Fully realize that is more than a quick question but Smil touches on a lot of these themes and I would be very interested to get your take. ROMA seems like an ideal platform. Thank you, Gracias, Obrigado!