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Hi Chris,

I have a question for you on your perspective of the past. First let me say that yes, I did vote for Trump, although I think he lost fairly and he’s being a sore loser. A four state conspiracy theory is a rabbit hole I can’t go down. One state…sure, but not four.

Having said that, let me ask you about the 2000 election. In my view, it was basically a reversed situation and Gore was contesting one state….not four. I see the current situation as a more exaggerated repeat of 2000, with reversed party positions. Thoughts?

PS.. I distinctly remember in 2000, I overhead two college professors talking to each other as they walked to their car that the election of “W” was a quote “Bloodless coupe d’etat”. That felt pretty radical to me at the time. Anyways, thanks for your time Chris. 🙂