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Riku M

In Civilized to Death you describe how agriculture is the leading cause for our foraging ancestors to adapt into life of unhealthy social structures, war, property, posessions etc.

I’ve used these arguments in my discussions, but lately a friend of mine pointed out that there are tribes who have moved from peacuful nomadism to war and pillage without any agriculture. One example of this are the Proto-Mongol tribes who started as hunting and herding nomads but ended up taking over almost the whole Asia with their horses without ever getting into agriculture (maybe partly because the soil and the climate are inhospitable for crop).

It made me rethink the argument – question the premise as I’ve been taught. It seems that agriculture is more a means to feed the growing population after all the fatty tasty mammoth meat is gone instead of something that in itself leads to growing population. You write that agriculture leads to growing populations which leads to [insert all bad things], but it seems more like population growth in itself is what leads to [insert all bad things]. #dissolutionofresponsibility

Similar cases have happened during the Migration Period during which there were widespread invasions of peoples within or into Europe, during and after the decline of the Western Roman Empire, mostly into Roman territory, notably the Germanic tribes and the Huns (this is when Hungarians came to Europe from Ural mountains).

So I don’t know if we disagree in this. I know that to write a book or to make an argument, you have to paint a clear picture although in reality everything is relative. As in Sex at Dawn or Bible, stories and arguments are there just to demonstrate a way to look at the world. Things are never black and white and the truth is that there are many truths.

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