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Thanks Chris for the bright response! Much appreciated. It’s true, I’ve used this argument as well with libertarians who plea for little government interference. Who will then prevent company’s from poisoning our rivers? There’s usually silence after that. Any anarchist/liberetarian minded people around here with ideas about this? Curious about perspectives! But I struggle with governments too (who doesn’t?), especially right now here in the Netherlands they forced a curfew upon us, so I can’t go for an evening walk, and this type of government interference I just hate! So I geuss: reasonable government interference = applaudible, far-reaching bullshit interference = unacceptable!

Motivating company’s with a bag of money for sustainability would be great!

I brought this up also because I’ve heard people saying that these days they have more trust in innovative company’s, because governments act so slow, and they tend to just ignore them.