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Tyler Black

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your response to my question last video! I appreciate the unfiltered thought.

You posted a link to a Psych Today article on porn addiction on your Twitter, which I read. Personally, I used to think porn was horrible and addictive, but as I’ve grown up a bit and gotten past some of the religious programmings I received as a youth (Mormonism) I have come to see it as fairly benign. For me, I don’t see porn use as an issue as long as it doesn’t interfere with your ability to participate in society and get your daily tasks done.

I was wondering, specifically, how you view porn fetishes? Should one explore their fetish with a partner, even if it is a little per se weird (not illegal or harmful, though)? Also, do you think fetishes are immutable? I think there is a lot of shame surrounding fetishes, but as far as I know all of my friends and I have at least one. I’ve thought about this a lot recently. I haven’t read Sex at Dawn yet, only CTD. Hoping to get around to it soon.

Anyways, hope you are doing well and enjoying life. Stay safe and cheers!