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Nate McCabe

Hey Chris, after reading your most recent e-mail to us subscribers, I wanted to quickly share a perspective I imagine many people identify with, but to my knowledge has been underrepresented.

I’ve been a follower of your podcast and writing for several years…but I have never felt an allegiance to your work and opinions. Sometimes you bring a great laugh to me with your curmudgeonly attitude or on-mic awkwardness talking to thousands of strangers (I can’t imagine). Other times I feel disappointed you don’t seriously consider a perspective I believe deserves more attention. And at times you’ve even made me feel less alone and loved…

But me and my trivial amount of money I give you each month barely gives a SHIT what you do haha. I just hope your public work continues to stay as authentic to yourself as possible; and I personally would like if that includes a certain degree of open-mindedness and individualism so much of your audience ostensibly represents and values.