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Hey Chris,

25yo dude from New Zealand.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is the group of people I have around me. I moved city about a year and a half ago in part because I was feeling like I had outgrown my hometown (city) group of friends. I’ve become interested in tramping and the outdoors, whereas most of that crew are pretty city slickers. Also I was one of the only single folk left and found them slowly becoming more insular, which wasn’t helping my cause.

A year or so later in a new city, I would say I have a good amount of individual friends but not the same ‘crew’.

I recently caught up with the ‘crew’ and was reminded of the quality of people and friendship. I also realized how much I missed them and that feeling of being part of a group. I’ve since started to wonder if maybe I should move back. However, I still think my reasons for moving city still stand, so am torn.

I guess that’s the context for my questions: How do you think about the friends you have? Have you moved away from a certain group in the past? How have you gone about finding people that align with the things you want to do?