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Andreas H.

Hello Chris,

I would love to hear you talk about psychological resilience. To which degree is it innate and to which is it learned? If there’s a learning part to it at all: do you think that there’s a window of opportunity when it’s learned and that after that window has closed it’s close to impossible to train it later?
Do you consider yourself a resilient person? If yes: in all/most areas of potential psychological challenges or only some? How did you built up your resilience(s)? (You see I’m insinuating some resilience in you).

Finally, could you imagine any advise of how to strengthen resilience when one already has passed the 50th birthday?

I am very, very curious about your answer.

Best wishes to you, my friend

P.S.: Having spoken about that subject with a friend he mentioned anti-fragility. I also remember you mentioning it once or twice. Any ideas?