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Hey Chris!

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on smartphones and how they are absolutely changing the way we interact with and perceive reality today. As a teacher of young people, I’m extremely concerned of the effect these technologies have on their lives. I think it is especially pernicious for them as they have grown up as digital natives and seemingly can’t imagine a life before phones. I’m only 32, but still remember a childhood of being bored and making my own fun with my friends outside. I look back at these days fondly, as I think these are important times of social and psychological development. The kids I see today at my school are addicted to their phones to a level that it makes me incredibly worried and frustrated. Being “bored” is unacceptable – they always need some kind of screen or entertainment consistently flashing before their eyes. I don’t see much pondering or reflection in these kids. I think these tech are warping their abilities to functionally live in the world. This is compounded by adults who don’t model proper phone behaviour and also can’t navigate when are appropriate times to compulsively check their phones. All this being said I do enjoy looking at my smartphone haha .. I just hope we can use these tech in a way that maximizes our potential, not just as distraction.

Cheers Chris,