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Hi Chris,

I wonder what your thoughts on donating to causes are. I have become interested in Effective Alturism and am considering donating a portion of my income to a cause. In Effective Alturism it is recommanded to donate to the most effective charities as identified by https://www.givewell.org/ such as the Against Malaria Foundation (they buy bednets for people living in malaria areas) or for deworming initiatives or GiveDirectly (giving money directly to people in developing countries so that they can use it as they see fit).

Many years ago I used to believe in God and donate 10% of my income to a church I used to go to. I guess I have fallout of love with donating because a lot of my money has gone to causes I no longer believe in now. But I would like to do something good with my life / the ressources I have and I am wondering whether effective alturism might be a the best way to go about this.
Looking forward to your thoughts on this.
Thank you!