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Riku M

Greetings from Funland

You have wished that your body would be burnt after your death. You have also said that one “should not burn every house they ever lived in”. If the body is a house for your consciousness, how do you justify burning it, releasing the energy into the air, heating the atmosphere and creating greenhouse gasses, INSTEAD of burying it into the ground, feeding the circle of life, letting the micro organisms in the earth absorb your energy and turn your body into nutrient rich soil for the plants to grow? You have consumed the plants and animals your whole life, storing the energy in a form of new chemical bonds and maintaining the functioning of your body. Would it be time to give something back to the earth for a while? After-all isn’t this whole cremation thing just another side of the death denial coin? We want either to make ourselves believe that the person we love will live forever by sealing their body into hermetically sealed casket or over-emphasizing that “The SPIRIT will live for ever!” by vanishing their body with a ceremonial fire and drumming. Wether you burst into the air because of methane gasses or ceremonial fires would it be time to end all this fear of death and just die slow. It takes a person +70 years to grow into old age. Dig a hole, put your friend in there (you can hide the face with a piece of cloth if you want) and start filling it with the dirt. The worms and the earth say thanks and if you want, you can plant a tree on top of the grave. Isn’t that what it was all about with the native Americans? The ground and the forests are sacred because the ancestors are buried there. It is likely emotionally the most difficult thing to pour dirt over friends or family members cold body, but it would be really beneficial for the whole life circle if people would return their meat vehicles back to the earth like a good friend who returns the sprinter van he borrowed – in one piece with a full tank of diesel.

– Riku