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Jamie Micheli

Hi Chris

I recently watched the documentary, “The Woman Who Wasn’t There,” about a woman who falsely claimed to be a survivor of 911. She was a well-known activist and the President of a non-profit organization for victims of 911. The documentary interviewed friends and co-workers who were real 911 survivors. Towards the end they are asked if they forgive her. Some people did and some people didn’t. However, they all struggled over this dilemma. This got me questioning the whole concept of forgiveness. In the broad Western culture the concept of forgiveness is a dichotomy where a person decides to forgive someone or not. What about all of the nuance in-between these polarized choices? Should we even be asked to forgive? What does forgiveness mean to most people? If it means letting go of resentment and finding a way to move on, why don’t we say that? I am curious what you think about the concept of forgiveness?