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Hey Chris!

On your podcast, I’ve heard you ascribe the concept of “work” as something you would necessarily rather not do if you could avoid it. Your lifestyle is a great example of someone who has made it by not “working” by conventional means – I certainly admire that!

That being said, do you really think there is no value had in taking pride in your job or whatever “work” you do? For example, I currently work as a Grade 7/8 teacher. You bet it’s fucking exhausting, annoying, and difficult to deal a lot of time. Overall though, I get immense personal satisfaction and meaning from the connections I make with my students and my role as a guide to them. Also, I used to work as a tree planter in B.C., a job which had me plant 2-3 thousand trees a day in all kinds of rain, bugs, hills, and bears. Hell yeah it was hard, but those experiences have shaped me as a person more than anything else.

As well, you’ve discussed how the body/mind needs to be challenged in order to remain sharp (a prevalent theme in recent episodes with the body movement guys and Wim Hof). Can “work” not be a part of this? I have multiple friends who have chosen to not “work” because they would rather not do it, but I find that they aren’t challenging themselves and generally seem stuck in a rut. They look down at my current “real job”, but ultimately I think I have grown and learned so much while they have stayed the same.

I certainly recognize that many people find their jobs unfulfilling, and some occupations may be necessarily so. However, I question this general idea that “work” as a concept is truly a thing to avoid, when it can be a valuable tool for self-actualization and learning. Any thoughts on this topic are appreciated.

Cheers and thanks,