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Michael Tyquin

Hi Chris,

I was listening to last month’s edition of this show and I heard your reply to the guy who made the case that burial is a more environmentally conscious decision than cremation and ,therefore, the superior decision. I agree with a lot of what you had to say about being realistic when it comes to our ability to affect global change at a local level. It is hard to see how the relatively small decisions we make will have any impact on the larger problems of say, global warming, when compared with the actions of corporations (although I will admit, I am quite partial to the idea of offering my body to the micro-organisms in the soil to enjoy).

My question is, what is your opinion on permaculture? Some people would see permaculture as an answer, or at least and antitdote, to a lot of society’s problems that you address in your work like Civilised to Death. However, if permaculture is not able to deliver on some of it’s grandest potentialites (such as creating a sustainable, resilient future for human civilisation) is it worth pursuing at all? Permaculture is a subject I believe you are familiar with, although after listening to your podcast for several years I can’t seem to remember you speaking on the subject at length.

I would also like to know, is permaculture a part of your plans for the future? Have you had much experience with organic gardening and growing your own food? And, if so, why?

Good luck with your new piece of land Chris, and I hope we can hear some great permaculture guests on Tangentially Speaking in the future (like David Holmgren writer of Rerosuburbia: The Downshifters guide to a Resilient Future. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out).

Thanks Chris, much love

– Mick from Queensland, Australia