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Chad Timblin

Hi Chris,

I’m so thankful you exist. I’ve been following you / your podcast for years.

Thanks to your podcast, I became aware of the horrifying persecution of human rights / environmental justice attorney Steven Donziger back in April 2021.

Today I listened to Steven on Michael Moore’s podcast (https://www.michaelmoore.com/p/kafka-in-america-it-cant-happen-here).

It’s extremely sad and horrifying to know that Steven has now been sentenced to 6 months in prison thanks to Chevron corrupting the legal system by paying off corrupt judges and lawyers.

I know you said you tried to get in touch with Joe Rogan to ask him to host Steven on his podcast to help spread Steven’s story. I believe it is now more important than ever that more people hear the scary situation Steven is in so he can get more people supporting him in this mess he is in. He REALLY needs help, and I so earnestly want him to get help from people who have more social and economic means than myself (I’m a low-key average Joe).

Have you stayed in touch with Steven and followed his story since you had him on your podcast?

Also, would you be able / willing to leverage your network to try to get prominent people you know to help spread awareness of the serious plight Steven is in?

This case has serious implications for our legal system and for the health of our planet and democracy. The United Nations has recently publicly voiced their support for Steven Donziger and urged the U.S. government to step in and help him. So far, the DOJ has done nothing. We must all fight Chevron’s persecution of Steven as hard as we can.

Much love, Chris. Thank you for all the good you do in the world.

– Chad Timblin