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You’ve spoken about how things started to click for you in your 30s with women, specifically about being honest with your intentions about wanting sexual friendships and not necessarily a monogamous commitment. Could you talk a bit more at length about these experiences? I’ve been trying this in my own life and am not really having success. It’s not that I’m averse to a relationship, even a ‘traditional’ one. But I am living a life much like you in that I travel often for extended periods of time. I usually work 6 months in Philadelphia and travel the other 6. I’m taking off for a bike trip through central America in January, and when I’m straight up about this, women seem to lose interest in me quickly. It’s like all women are looking for a committed relationship, even though to listen to podcasts like yours I’m led to believe that can’t possibly be true. Where do I meet these mythical women who are interested in a fling, who can look at 4-6 months of relationship and not feel like they’re wasting their time when it ends on friendly terms? I just don’t know anybody like me, who sees life the way I do or values the same things, and sometimes it’s really lonely. Something tells me if I could turn off my sex drive I’d be a lot happier.