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      Hi Chris!

      I have a couple of questions about C2D, and they are specifically because I listened to it instead of reading it. It’s difficult to go back and find what I’m looking for in audio, so I’m asking you here 🙂

      Acronym- NPP. I must have missed what this means early on in the book. Can you define for me?

      You also state “homo sapiens sapiens” several times throughout the book. I’ve heard “homo sapiens” but I’ve never heard it stated where “sapiens” is repeated. Why is this?

      Thank you for all you do and I hope the tour went well! The book is fabulous and enlightening on many levels.


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      Christopher Ryan

      Hey Ann. NPP: Narrative of Perpetual Progress. Homo sapiens is just a larger category that goes back further in time. Sapiens sapiens refers to more recent stages, specifically anatomically modern humans, which are thought to have emerged around 300k years ago.

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      Gotcha! Thanks so much!


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