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      So I, like most of you probably, agree with Chris’s premise of society being a bad structure for us to exist in based on our biological needs. My question to the community is; do you think that the better move is to try and extricate yourself from general society and start something new? Or do you think we should work with what we’ve got and try to be “activist” in changing our current structure? I go back and forth on this question a lot, I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this!

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      Ask yourself what you would be doing if society was fine. What is fulfilling to you. Also, ask yourself what’s the thing that bothers you most about society as it is. Then ask yourself what do you want to spend your time on. That thing that’s fulfulling, or trying to fix that horrible thing that’s going on. Maybe trying to fix that horrible thing is the fulfilling thing. I don’t have an answer. I think making a choice is what’s important.

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        i agree with doublejando and probably wont answer to you question either but just a thought i had when i read you post. i think a person should be activist but activist inside your self. im sure could have a community in the “normal” way we are living now, having close relationship for example, going more to nature, moving yourself more and getting to know yourself.
        but you have to change and find the ways which can be hard. of course there is nothing wrong with being activist and trying to change the culture but you have better chance to change yourself. or just dont give a fuck – like george https://youtu.be/Hy-sVByUHqE?t=2241 – but thats the hard place to reach mentally and money wise.

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      Uhm, so I was reading your question, then I went to go and do something else, then I thought: ‘hey, let’s answers this guys question’, and after posting I realised the reply isn’t really an answer to the question, somehow my mind changed it into something else. But anyway, maybe it helps 🙂

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      Stopping by to say hi, y’all.



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      Roman Russo

      My original idea was that we need to identify likeminded people and create a separate community within the current world order, which would go in line with some aspects of forager society. I know there are some groups like that in the world, but I would not know where they are already and how / if it is possible to join one (anyone knows?), so yes, create one from scratch.

      A different idea would be to think what a utopia could look like and start working backward towards thinking about how we can create one in the present time.

      Lastly, one man can make a difference, so let’s think about what we can do right now ourselves to make a difference. Maybe we can eat, consume, or act more consciously?


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