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      Something you said, Chris a few months back. I’m pretty sure it was in April or May ROMA.

      You said you can remember people from your past that were being kind to you when you were full of shit or not fooling anyone. (I’m paraphrasing you but surely you recall)

      This really got stuck in my head. Bad.

      With that. I recently revisited a song I must have heard one time. 15 years ago. With that one listen, the song was stuck in my mind for 15 years. Playing over and over.

      Then you said that story. Then I went to the internet and found that song. I don’t know how I’m relating the two but they both really started a fire in my mind I can’t shake.

      I am 40 and 5 years ago I thought I was beginning to find true happiness. Just then I spiraled into depression and what has been a 5 year crisis of sorts.

      Apropos of your statement on being young and full of shit. Penny for your thoughts…

      Take care,


      P.S. the song…

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