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      Omri Dagan

      Ok, so first off, I’m not an anti-masker. Of course wearing something on your mouth will prevent particles from spewing out.

      But there are still arguments to be made against mask mandates. (Btw, I’m not from the US, so this isn’t a political issue for me).

      Wearing masks outdoors in non-crowded places is pretty pointless. People know this, and this might deter them from wearing it when it is actually needed -indoors.
      People don’t like doing things that don’t make sense, and then they lose trust in government, which in turn causes more under-compliance, which enhances the spread of disease.
      If masks only protect us from catching the disease when talking/sneezing/or something similar- Then it’s just not that useful in many situations where were not doing one of those things, and this should be considered.

      Anyways, I’m having a constant internal debate with myself and some friends about the whole COVID-19 strategy. What is the best way to deal with it? What are we doing wrong? Is the harm caused from lockdowns worse than the benefit it gives? My opinion is more and more veering, to yes, it is. The huge economic destruction they are causing isruining lives. It feels like there is a tacit trade-off between quality of life and life expectancy. It feels like we are taking away too much of the quality of part. And yes, of course there would be economic damage without lockdowns, but not to this extent.

      Now, I don’t have the answers. I’m glad I don’t have to be making these choices. Of course not having lockdowns would cause hospitals to overflow and lead to more people dying and this would be a problem. There is no perfect solution. But It feels like it’s easier to ignore the long term economic and mental damage that is being caused rather than the death tally which is obstensively more daunting and alarming. Someone who lost his business and is in terrible debt is arguable a worse moral outcome than someone 85 years old dying.
      And yes, I have a grandma too, I have parents too. I’m not overlooking the risk this disease is causing – but I don’t think the answer is so obvious and we should have an open discourse about it.

      Also, it feels like it’s easier to ignore since these restrictions disproportionally affect some sectors compared to others. Many workers which have been affected are transparent, are union-less and do not get enough support. Where-as others are getting basically the same salary and just working from home.

      Anyways, I’d be glad to hear your opinion on this.

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      Christopher Ryan

      These are good points. I don’t have answers, either, but I’ll read/discuss this message on the next ROMA. Thanks.

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        Omri Dagan

        Did I miss it one of the podcasts?

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