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      I’ve been trying to find my own ideal melding of hunter gatherer and modern life, has anyone else been working on this? Are are you trying to add or remove?

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      Trying to add closer connections with people. In my twenties I lived in a squad, with a group of people. Social contact was very naturally. Now I live by myself, and making appointments constantly is hard. Want to create a tribe around what I’m most interested in (music). Trying to eat less sugary food. Trying to not get a constant information stream into my head, through technology, even though I love to learn stuff. Trying to get more intimacy and body contact in my life. Want to go for more hiking trips in nature. That’s about it.

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      Roman Russo

      I wrote about this in another topic (Hey guys! Want to start a discussion here), because someone has a similar question, but essentially it is a combination of:

      1) One man (woman) can make a difference in a way how we lead our lives
      2) Imagining a utopia and trying to work backwards to create such a reality
      3) Finding likeminded people


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