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177 - Bennett Grunberg

Painting by  Mona Octopoda

Painting by Mona Octopoda

This conversation was recorded March 10th, 2016, six weeks before Bennett died unexpectedly. Through his company, SureDesign T-shirts, Bennett sponsored this podcast (as well as that of Duncan Trussell and Daniele Bolelli) since the beginning. Sad as I am at the loss, I'm glad we had a chance to spend some time together, brief as it was. His kindness, wisdom, and generosity come through loud and clear. We'll miss you, Bennett. Download this episode.

For a little humor relief, check out Duncan Trussell's SureDesign commercials here.

Episode Notes:

This conversation was recorded March 10th, 2016, six weeks before Bennett died unexpectedly.

Introduction (00:00 – 19:44)

(00:00) Song 1: “Smoke Alarm”, by Carsie Blanton

(02:28) The unexpected death of a friend, the first sponsor; Sure Design T-shirts

(04:58) Podcast from a hospital bed, Bennett’s health, Bennett’s generosity

(07:06) Chris’s trip to Thailand, meeting for the first time, Bennett on the mend, Bennett’s death

(12:05) Chris’s new podcast idea, interviews with the terminally ill, liberation, music intros

(15:26) Song 2: “Genesis”, by Yoma Otakadesu


Interview with Bennett Grunberg, Bangkok, Thailand (19:45 – 1:03:14)

(19:45) Meeting in Bangkok, T-shirts, Norfolk to Chiang Mai, authentic happiness

(23:07) Bennett’s youth, Deadhead, Chiang Mai vibe, psychedelic music

(28:13) Feeling home, Chris’s 1st trip to Chiang Mai, motorcycle trip, an opium story

(37:21) Supply runs, falling in love with Thailand, disaster as a catalyst

(41:08) Shitty furniture, learning experience, Sure Design, Duncan’s commercials, sponsorships

(45:58) The influence of Duncan Trussell, human connections and podcasting, Digital Nomads

(54:02) Parental vibe, travel and Tinder, women travelers, the ‘old days’

(56:34) Strip clubs, perception of strippers, male guilt, empowerment, sweatshops, thanking Bennett

(1:03:15) Song 3: “Wei”, by Papa Wemba


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