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275 - Dr. Jim Fadiman (Psychedelic Researcher)

Credit: MAPS.org

Credit: MAPS.org

Dr. Jim Fadiman is a psychologist and author best known for his pioneering psychedelic research -- most recently concerning micro-dosing of LSD and psilocybin as described in The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide. Download this episode.

Music: "Tribalistas," by Tribalistas.


Show Notes, Episode 275: Dr. Jim Fadiman (Psychedelic Researcher)

Dr. Jim Fadima is a psychologist and author best known for his pioneering psychedelic research – most recently concerning microdosingof LSD and psilocybin.

Introduction (00:00 – 25:39)

(00:00) Complaints of ‘dick shaming’ and Chris’s rebuttal

(07:57) Barcelona Update, Debra Berger from episode 254 (DebraBerger.net), intro to Jim Fadiman

(14:16) “Tangentially Reading”, now available for pre-order, AJ Leone of Misfit Press, episode 222

(18:43) Intro to Song 1: “Tribalistas” by Tribalistas, Chris talks about his appreciation of the listening community

(22:28) Song 1: “Tribalistas”, by Tribalistas

Interview with Jim Fadiman (25:40 – 1:37:44)

(25:40) Dr. Fadiman’s book, “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”

(29:18) Microdosing with psychedelics, serotonin research and LSD

(36:17) ‘Hallucinogen’ vs. ‘Psychedelic’, transformative experiences, lasting change

(42:55) Mentor Richard Alpert, modern history of psychedelics in U.S.

(51:37) Spirituality, cultural views, the danger of psychedelics to the establishment

(56:48) Psychedelics and cultural stability

(57:02) Psychedelics around the world, Buddhism 

(1:03:18) Teaching Psychedelics, “Hike-edelic”

(1:09:46) Tim Leary, the dark web, more on microdosing

(1:20:04) Downsides, upsides

(1:29:10) Chris’s first ‘trip’, beneficial bad trips, handling dissent

(1:37:44) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide” by Dr. Jim Fadiman

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

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Music: Carsie Blanton


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