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272 - Amy Baldwin (Sex Educator)

Amy, with the impeccably attired Kyle Thiermann. She's been on  Kyle's podcast , too.

Amy, with the impeccably attired Kyle Thiermann. She's been on Kyle's podcast, too.

Amy Baldwin is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, Certified Sex Educator as well as co-owner of a mother-daughter owned pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop. Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-focused sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from how-to workshops to erotic empowerment retreats. She co-hosts a podcast, called The Shameless Sex podcast here. Download. Music: "Wish I Knew You," by The Revivalists. The Hysterical Literature episode I mention is here.


Show notes:

In this episode, Chris discusses the following:

Introduction (00:00 – 34:52)

(00:00) – Marginally Creepy Chris (MCC) talks about the definition of ‘Creep’ and the case of Anthony Weiner

(14:52) – The general vote in Spain, Chris’s Barcelona apartment, and the Catalan vote for independence

(20:11) – Chris versus Heathrow Airport

(24:45) – Chris Rubio’s commercial for Tangentially Speaking

(29:56) – Song 1: “Wish I Knew You” by The Revivalists


Amy Baldwin, Sex Educator – Santa Cruz, CA, Night 1, “Vanthropology Tour, 2017” (34:53 – 2:10:00)

(34:53) Amy describes her job as a sex educator

(42:40) cultural blind spots and taboos

(1:06:51) Pornography, sexual technique, and partner communication

(1:15:45) Rape fantasies, early sexual encounters, orgasm control, sexual submissiveness and strong women, biology and rape 

(1:41:00) Marginally Creepy Chris (MCC) 1st appearance, blow jobs, and a ‘dick pics’ PSA

(1:49:05) MCC briefly returns, masturbation, horniness and spontaneity, OMGS.org videos, hysterical literature, O’ming and Edging

(2:09:00) MCC’s final appearance

(2:10:00) Song 2 – “Smoke Alarm”, by Carsie Blanton


Episode Links:  

Shameless Sex, Amy’s podcast with her friend April – Every Tuesday

Amy’s Class, Workshop and Contact information can be found on Shameless Sex.com

Pure Pleasure Adult Shop, Santa Cruz (owned by Amy and her mom)

Hysterical Literature episode mentioned

Music: The Revivalists

Music: Carsie Blanton


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