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273 - Neal Brennan (Co-creator of The Chappelle Show)


Neal is a writer, actor, director, and standup comic. He's been in the middle of everything from Half Baked to The Chappelle Show to Saturday Night Live to the White House Correspondent's Dinner to The Daily Show. His most recent special, called 3 Mics (Netflix) is a work of true genius. Download.

Music: "Burns Tonight," by Justin Anding.

Dunno why anyone would want to watch my intro, but here it is.

09 Oct 2017 - Tangentially Speaking, Episode 273: Neal Brennan (Co-creator of The Chappelle Show)


Show Notes, by Nate Atwood: Neal is a writer, actor, director, and standup comic.  He’s been involved in everything from “Half Baked” to “The Chappelle Show” to Saturday Night Live to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner to The Daily Show.  His most recentspecial, called “3 Mics” (Netflix) is a work of true genius.


Introduction (00:00 – 20:21)

(00:00) –how Chris is able to land such great guests, pre-order availability of “Tangentially Reading”, work on “Civilized to Death”, and wrapping up life in Barcelona, the home of judgmental meat eaters.

(16:21) – Song 1: “Burns Tonight”, by Justin Anding


Interview with Neal Brennan – (20:21 – 1:37:14)

(20:21)  Neal’s special “3 Mics”, praise, and the elements of standup comedy

(27:05) Happiness, success, approval, authenticity, and the voices in our heads

(31:15) less stress equals more happiness, fun before death, feeling good 

(34:41) Fixing things that aren’t broken, comparing yourself to others, content output

(36:58) inner voices and culture, unhappiness in a capitalistic society

(41:23) Sports Teams, origin of modern day sports, types of success

(44:30) Meditation and isolation tanks, Chris’s intro to podcasting, his relations with the comedy world

(46:00) “Sex at Dawn” and women’s reactions, fan compliments, “research informs our relationship”, the nature of our being

(57:00) Love, external validation, marriage, conventional relationships

(1:04:42) “Unconventional” relationships and insecurity, religion, original sin, how pre-history is misunderstood, 

(1:11:15) Origin of ‘us’, the effects of agriculture on ‘us’, cost of modernity, connection, unconditional love, community

(1:28:10) the Dave Chappelle Show, Black American culture, racism

(1:38:56) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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