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279 - Cacilda (Going to Peru)


This is a special, very personal episode. Cacilda is going to the Amazon, in search of new ways to be a "soul doctor" (psychiatrist). Download this episode.

Episode 279:  Cacilda Jetha

Introduction (00:00 – 23:06)

(00:00) “Chubby Lou is a Sexy Little Bitch”

(01:02) Introduction to and update on Cacilda, sharing too much, the comedy community, transparency

(08:00) Privacy of others, toeing the line, “research informs our relationship”

(12:41) Being available, weight to carry, does Cacilda exist, crossroads, helping people

(17:42) Pre-Order “Tangentially Reading”

(19:04) Housekeeping: Episode Notes

(20:03) Song 1: “Comfortably Numb”, performed by David Bowie and David Gilmore


Interview: Cacilda Jetha (23:07 – 1:29:17)

(23:07) Dispatches from a transitional moment, job history and the last year in Barcelona

(28:07) Insecure return to medicine, frustration with conventional medicine, reputation

(30:50) Butterflies during change, prisoners as patients, killers, psychopaths and malingerers

(35:37) Describing a psychopath, empathy, Trump and Obama, the system

(40:00) More Barcelona, seduction to aggression to psychopathy, therapy, being multilingual

(44:09) Grandma Cacilda, respect, conversations, dominance implied, societal integration

(49:00) Rules of life, “psychopathology makes the world go round”, mental illness

(51:44) Neurosis vs. psychosis, psychotic schisms, laughter, street people, shared reality

(59:26) Shamanism and community, connecting to reality, being different

(1:01:50) Neurosis broken down, fitting in, everyone’s neurotic, a sick society, the happy poor

(1:06:02) Community via disaster, temporary happiness, fixing society’s neurosis, the struggle

(1:11:23) Creating trust, small-scale change, frustrations, an eclectic approach

(1:18:11) Nerve, the future and uncertainty, jumping into the void, comfortably numb

(1:22:29) Cacilda and Peru, the unknown, fear and letting go

(1:27:13) Future episode from Peru, contacts in Peru

(1:29:18) Outro

(1:32:05 ) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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