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283 - Tim Scully (Notorious LSD Chemist)


Tim Scully was involved in the production of millions of hits of very pure LSD known as "Orange Sunshine" in the late 1960s, hoping to save the world. He was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison for his troubles. He's featured in the excellent Netflix documentary, The Sunshine Makers (see below).  Download. Music: "Kid Charlemagne," by Steely Dan.

Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 – 21:44)

(00:00) The “Sunshine Makers”, circling back to psychedelics, standing behind a belief

(04:14) The focus of psychedelics, organic intelligence, the role of therapy, strengthen the structure

(08:36) Time to think, brutal introspection, a frightened society, the 60’s were NOT a disaster

(13:39) Silicon Valley: epicenter of creativity, Mr. Scully’s selflessness

(15:56) Song 1: “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan


Interview: (21:45 – 1:52:03)

(21:45) LSD-centric films, making LSD, mythology, intro to Bear

(26:24) Set and Setting, placebos, building a particle accelerator – in high school

(32:33) Before ‘nerd’ was cool, smart enough, experimental concerns, Berkley

(36:15) Growing up Tim, fatherly encouragement, working with Bear

(42:28) LSD and the law, Atomic Labs, first big score, an opening mind

(49:32) The first trip, high expectations, LSD can save the world, Stanley Kripner

(56:26) Materials of production, Lysergic Acid, ‘cook’ not ‘chemist’, societal skepticism

(1:02:24) “Neuro Tribes”, the spectrum, how Tim met Bear, DMT, Acid Tests

(1:20:35) About Bear, broadening the filtration system, microdosing, toeing the line

(1:27:19) The History Project, Ron Stark, Tim Leary and Millbrook, psychedelic terrorism

(1:37:34) Tim’s memoire, party on, generational Yin and Yang, LSD and behavioral modification

(1:43:45) Ego inflation, peak experience, end: means, saving the world, Tim’s bro, Graham’s Law

(1:52:04) Outro

(1:55:13) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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