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286 - Jude Angelini (Author and Radio Personality)

Jude grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, near Pontiac, Michigan. He tells it like it is. He brings the same no-bullshit attitude to his writing, his radio show on Eminem's Sirius XM station (The All-Out Show), and his conversation. Same guy. Same voice. Same authenticity. He's the author of two books, Hyena and Hummingbird. Either one would make a wonderful gift for your mother-in-law. Get em! Download this episode. Music: "Fast Train," by Gasoline Lollipops.

Image pulled from Jude's Instagram: @onemorejude

Image pulled from Jude's Instagram: @onemorejude

By Jude Angelini

Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 – 20:49)

(00:00) The dildo of destiny – discovering Jude, and an introduction

(05:41) “Chasing Bubbles”, an update on Cacilda, TS episode release schedule

(10:48) Malcom Gladwell’s “Revisionist History”, a rant about advertising

(16:35) Song 1: “Fast Train” by Gasoline Lollipops


Interview:  (20:50 – 1:39:46)

(20:50) Jude’s YouTube work, Rude Jude fights Floyd Mayweather, working on Sirius XM

(24:49) Holes in your game, guys talkin’ dicks, porn star, “Sex @ Dawn”, women are horny too

(33:31) Early family life, trust issues, cheating, getting people to read, “Hummingbird”, the audiobook

(40:32) Describing “Hyena”, growing up rough, power plays and sex, TED’s testicle turmoil

(49:20) Truth w/o offending, the N-word, Nerfing the world, the pussification of a generation

(57:39) Living abroad, perception of danger, what a pussy(cat), a litigious society, Pastor Uncle Ricky

(1:01:40) Train hopping, turning on professor, being water, hoods in the woods, Dunbar’s number

(1:13:07) About Jude, “Trash” TV, making ends meet, Eminem, Wiggers, respecting education

(1:21:19) Writing for a living, Best Sellers, dwindling audiences, publishing woes, now vs. then

(1:28:31) The naming of “Hummingbird”, joy and stagnation, being real, save yourself, depression

(1:35:54) Coming of age today, acknowledging sadness and grief, “happiness is like an orgasm…”

(1:37:49) Baseline acceptance, create not consume, future podcast…?

(1:39:47) Outro

(1:43:05) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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Music: Basin and Range

Music: Carsie Blanton

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