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292 - Reza Aslan (Author/Religious Scholar)

Reza is a bestselling author, most recently of God: A Human History. Download.

God: A Human History
By Reza Aslan

Show Notes:

Reza is a bestselling author, most recently of God: A Human History.

Introduction (00:00 – 20:36)

(00:00) Introduction to Reza, a short podcast, fighting AT&T

(02:25) Pedantics vs cool people, guests and confrontation, Sam Harris

(05:38) Shout-out to global listeners, therapist referrals, Chris’s little sister, travel plans

(15:21) Reza Aslan’s books, best-seller

(16:07) Song 1 introduction (17:03) “Big Jet Plane”, by Tuka


Interview: (20:37 – 1:04:54)

(20:37) They usually win, “the Anthony Bourdain of…”, Reza’s show

(23:30) Thesis of latest book, Making God ‘us’, imbedded in biology

(24:47) Justice and Awe, the religious impulse, religion is a by-product

(25:47) Defining religion, sense of spirit, Frans de Waal, function of religion, kinship

(30:46) Social control via religion, religion as an institution, control, universal impulse

(33:17) Buddhism, evolutionary puzzle, Neanderthals, cave art, Lascaux, France

(38:55) Inventing heaven and hell, representing the shaman,

(41:55) Psychedelic influences, flying witches and reindeer, psychedelic access

(45:45) Reza’s upbringing, Sufi Muslims, a working definition of religion

(50:36) The brain and natural phenomena, theory of mind, reality beyond reality

(55:58) Atheism and religion, mean daddy vs good daddy, fundamentalism,

(1:02:31) Nomadic vs settled – views on God, egalitarianism vs accumulation

(1:04:54) End of Interview

(1:04:55) Chris’s final thoughts

(1:06:01) Outro

(1:09:18) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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