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306 - John Duarte (Long Distance Cyclist & Photojournalist


Cassie and I met John Duarte at a highway rest stop in Dateland, AZ. He was riding his bike from El Paso to San Diego, which is a short "training run" for him. Join us for this spontaneous conversation in the van. #vanthropology2018 Download.

Show Notes By: Chris Mulholland

00:00 - 08:06 - Intro

(00:00) Spontaneity, travelling and podcasting/instagram recommendation

(03:15) Terlingua and Jeff Leach

(05:19) This episode’s intro on John Duarte, mega cyclist

08:06 - 59:07- Conversation

(08:06) ‘Dateland Arizona’/John’s cycling from Tucson to San Diego for training called the “border run”

(11:25) East to West (the Southern Tier) Saint Augustine FL to San Diego following the Adventure Cycling Association’s maps/soft chair = sore butt

(13:00) Does John ever question himself/no encounters w wild animals

(15:08) Only recently got into long distance cycling/more traveller than cyclist/cycling is a way to see the world/loneliness

(17:25) Cycling and “diplomatic immunity”/broke pelvis (hit by a car)/John’s advice: always be aware of your surroundings/motorbiking vs cycling

(21:19) First trip ‘Great Allegheny Passage’ on the ‘C&O’ canal from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and then Cuba, Europe and across the US.

(24:35) Around the world/other people who’d done it: Thomas Stevens in 1886 on a penny-farthing/William Sachtleben & Thomas Allen Jr. in 1890s on safety bikes and taking pictures

(28:28) Photojournalist - expedition sports photos

(29:34) Seeing different cultures + the overall homogeneity of humans

(29:57) Going to the “scary places” (not so bad)

(31:53) “People are amazingly similar”/can travel freely across the states/getting busted for camping behind a church

(33:34) Longest trip was from Cabo da Roca (Portugal) to Hanoi/Turkish & Russian/silk road tales

(44:56) Tea/learning from being on the road

(47:09) John moved to France (as a kid) and then the US

(49:48) John’s “retired”/how does the wife deal with his long journeys/tip for longlife: ‘keep moving

(55:08) Take meaning from life/social interactions w people/isolation from society can be dangerous

(59:07) Jump on John’s site jmdfoto.net and conversation finished.

Played out with ‘Smoke Alarm’ by Carsie Blanton

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