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311 - Mickey Avalon and Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty)

Painting by Mickey Avalon

Painting by Mickey Avalon

These dudes are damned smart, funny, and talented. I caught up with them on tour, after their show in San Diego. If you like to have fun, catch them when they come to a town near you! If you don't like to have fun, WTF? Download.

Tour Dates.

Painting by Mickey Avalon

Painting by Mickey Avalon

Notes by Mike Buquicchio
Introduction (00:00 – 3:46)
(00:00) Introduction to Mickey and Rex, self-deprecation and self-awareness
Interview: (3:47 – 1:14:53)
(3:48) Introduction Banter
(7:45) Discussing Fashion, tattoos
(9:09) Adulthood, the evolution of music
(13:44) Rap music, Rex interviewing Tupac while high
(17:10) The birth of Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon, various other personas
(29:30) Performing Overseas (Japan, Holland, ect.)
(34:49) Mickey on starting and kicking drugs, drugs for different personality types
(38:55) Performing on drugs (Sports & Music)
(41:45) Mickeys painting career and car collection
(48:00) Mickeys parents, Rex Producing beats
(54:43) Tasting Wine, Are sommeliers full of shit?
(59:48) What's next for Mickey and Rex?
(1:03:16) Group dynamics, The Beatles, Ending Banter
(1:10:45) End of Interview
(1:10:46) Outro
(1:12:27) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton
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