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312 - Cyrus Sutton (Filmmaker, Surfer, and Vangabond)

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Cyrus believes in creating films which promote curiosity and ecological literacy. He's been directing documentary films for fifteen years since his award-winning surf film Riding Waves in 2003. He won a Southwest regional EMMY when he was 23 and has directed hundreds of short films since (adapted from Cyrus's site). Download.

Cyrus's kick-ass Instagram

Poem: "Time," by Clay Roper.

Notes by Mike Buquicchio


Introduction (00:00 – 03:46)

(00:00) Update on travels and upcoming podcasts

(03:28) Introduction to Cyrus, housekeeping items

(06:45) Chris getting a finger in his ass

(08:45) SXSW and Cassie

(10:19) Song 1: Flabbergasted by Cassie

Interview: (10:46 – 1:34:27)

(10:46) Introduction banter, some van talk.

(14:49) Cyrus’ background, what he does, how he makes money.

(20:22) Cyrus’ dog, Miley, making animals happy, love.

(21:50) Talking about Cyrus’ films, polynesian farming, permaculture, surfing.

(26:15) Philosophy on modernity, civilized to death

(37:14) Cyrus’ upbringing, reinventing your world, travelling, modernity continued

(41:00) Questioning people's motives, what makes people tick.

(45:45) Advertisements, sponsorships, commercialism

(48:45) Cyrus in a Black Mirror scenario, being exiled from the surf world

(53:42) Using success to promote good things (body surfing), proliferation of culture  you’ve been promoting for years and detaching your ego from them.

(58:28) Fame (Actors vs Podcasters)

(1:00:10) DNA tests and finding out ethnicity

(1:01:29) Feeling at home elsewhere, travelling, getting stuck in Barcelona, Spanish culture

(1:10:46) Shame being an armor to keep love out, shedding shame.

(1:15:05) Backpacking to Alaska and Chris being an arrogant youngin’ and figuring out who he is. Having kids, having love flowing through your life.

(1:21:27) What's next for Cyrus?  Leaving room for spontaneity in life. Traveling in Scarlet Jovanssen and what's next for Chris.

(1:27:20) Ending banter

(1:28:00) End of Interview

(1:28:01) Outro

(1:30:15) Poem: "Time," by Clay Roper.

(1:31:58) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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