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315 - Wednesday Martin (Bestselling Author)

Wednesday Martin is the real deal. Her upcoming book, Untrue (out in September) is a look at the emerging science of female desire and some of the most prominent women behind the controversial research.Her memoir, Primates of Park Avenue was greeted as a hilarious, touching, and insightful look into the exotic world of Manhattan motherhood. Stepmonster, a finalist for the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award, is widely considered the “go-to” source for stepmothers, adult stepchildren, therapists and others who seek a uniquely candid, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and comprehensive look at the topic. She is also the author of Marlene Dietrich, tracing the actress and cabaret performer's life, career, and impact on the image of women.

Music: "Two Sticks," by Joel Havea.

Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir
By Wednesday Martin Ph.D.