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314 - Wil Forbis (Musician/Author/Smartypants)


I came across Wil's blog years ago, while researching primate penises (it was called "My So-Called Penis), and have been a fan of his insightful, comic take on life ever since. We finally got together on his back porch in San Diego a decade later. Wil has a book called Acid Logic. What more do you need? Wil's site. Download this episode.


Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 – 15:56)

(00:00) Intro to will Forbis

(02:30) T-Shirts/Tangentially Reading and Community Projects

(05:20) Civilized to death update and JRE podcast information.

(10:30) General update and thoughts.

(15:01) Play out with Wil Forbis Jazz Solo

Interview: (15:56 – 1:43:43)

(15:56) Introduction banter, how Chris and Wil met, Wil’s blog & Chris’ interest in his work.

(17:52) Take on blogs, writing and putting your thoughts out there. Broad vs specific experiences.

(22:19) Travelers vs Tourists and Wil’s experience in Tangier, India.

(25:06) Wil’s interest in playing instruments Musi, his group Birdy and the Bowtie

(28:00) Discussing cultural appropriation and first concerts.

(35:00) Wil growing up in Hawaii, gentrification of cool places

(39:58) Discussing Wil’s Website acid logic, acid, pink floyd and The Rolling Stones.

(51:34) Chris disconnecting from American Culture.

(54:30) Wil on living overseas in Iran and his father’s career.

(56:28) Jan Morris, gender/biology of gender. 

(1:09:55) Discussing the Scientific method, deductive reasoning materialism vs mysticism. What is reality? The Placebo Effect.

(1:38:00) Native Plants/drugs and the influence on local music

(1:42:20) Ending banter

(1:43:43) End of Interview

(1:43:44) Outro

(1:45:58) “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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