Shrimp Parade!

Indefinite Hiatus

Lots of people are asking about the recent disappearance of this series. Here's the thing: Joe's doing all his usual stuff (shooting at some food, MMA commentary, massive podcast, stand-up tour) PLUS an HBO special. Duncan's back on tour again, bringing his unique wit and wisdom to the masses. And I've moved to Portland, OR, where I'm finally trying to write Civilized to Death—which is the least I can do, now that I've been selling the damned t-shirts for months.

So it's pretty much impossible to get us all in the same place at the same time. Add to that the fact that none of us have teams of assistants who can work out these kinds of things ("I'll have my people set it up with your people."), and well, you see what I'm saying.

Maybe things will calm down in a few months and we'll get it back on track, but my guess is that life will just keep getting more chaotic and unmanageable—in which case, I hope I'll have the good sense to retreat to a remote cabin in the wilderness or a thatch hut on a Thai island. Either way, I fear the Shrimp Parade may be history, my friends. The universe does tend toward chaos, after all.