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Nathan Schmidt (Seattle)

Love the podcast. I heard you were making a list of therapists who are open minded and open to different paradigms. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I live in the Seattle area and offer ketamine assisted therapy, and other psychotherapy. I only prescribe meds when absolutely necessary. I'm a big fan of Kelly Brogans' work and try to help people fix their diet and heal their gut. I am psychedelic friendly and open to non traditional forms of relationships. My business phone number is 360 386 5906. 

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Keith Norris (Vancouver, BC)

Hey Chris. On a recent podcast you mentioned that Therapists out there who support exploring full sexual spectrum are worthy of a referral from yourself. That's me. I also follow the harm reduction model for drug use as well as support psychedelics and MDMA as credible therapeutic interventions and practice. I am a volunteer with Zendo Project and am experienced in holding space for those having difficult psychedelic experiences. I am in the Vancouver area but hold regular Skype sessions for those long distance clients.

Name: Martin Meyer-Stoll

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Subject: Therapist Listing

Message: Hey Chris, just stumbled upon your therapist listing project and would love to be part of it. I'm a Gestalt therapist working with individuals, couples and groups; I lead "Hero's Journey" workshops; I offer sweat lodge ceremonies; I support (and sometimes facilitate) the use of psychedelics in dedicated ceremonial space, having quite a bit of experience with a number of substances myself. I have three kids and love supporting fathers because I feel we're in dire need of strong AND loving fathering these days. My practice is in Marburg, Germany, but I also do Skype sessions.

Tyler March (Orlando, FL)

Hey there Dr. Ryan,

As a long-time listener and Patreon supporter of your podcast I was really excited to hear about you collecting a referral list for like-minded therapists to referred to your listeners in need. I believe I am one of those sex positive and psychedelic experience honoring clinicians who values all forms of relationship. I live and work in the Central Florida area and have a small, but growing private practice in Orlando, Florida. I am a young clinician (graduated my Mental Health Masters program in 2106) who is currently a pre-licensed professional in clinical supervision with about 200 more clinical hours to go before I receive full licensure (I also work at an community outpatient clinic). I am passionate about creating experiences in my office where true understanding is cemented in non-judge mental exploration of one's experience. I believe working with a client who has mutual interest in the topics that you discuss on your podcast would be a immensely effective alliance. I have clinical specialties on working with anxiety, depression and addictions from an Integrative Existential approach. I am a daily meditator and hold Certificates in Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition and have completed the course work required to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I am also a certified yoga instructor (teaching six classes a week at local studio, Orlando Power Yoga). Thank you so much for your time Chris, I look forward to continued digestion of your awesome podcast. I am currently in the process of revamping my website and blog which should be done by the end of the month, the website address is:

I can be searched via Psychology Today or Google.

My Phone Number is: 321-231-4177

Thanks again!

Tyler March, MS, NCC, CYT Therapist w/ SAAFE Behavioral Services 

RMHCI#: IMH15107

I was listening to a recent podcast and you had inquired for therapists to contact your website if we were basically sharing the same types of  theoretical framework. I would be glad to take inquiries from the Southeast Missouri area. I’m an independent contractor for a counseling office who is ran/owned by a local professor at Southeast Missouri State University. The name of the practice is Great Oak counseling, located at on the web. 

 I share your interests in psychedelic research (I’m also a member of the Native American Church, I believe your friend Stanley has mentioned our peyote ceremonies), culture, and allowing the clients to be the director in their own lives in areas such as sexuality and spirituality. 

 I personally come from a more open minded existential approach than most therapists in my area, not only in my own life, but also in my counseling practice. My treatment modalities are centered on existentialism, but are supplemented by utilizing EMDR for trauma, and also DBT and hypnosis. I am a registered counselor in the state of Missouri and also a Nationally certified counselor, in addition to being a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I don’t want to bore you with more details, but I know you want legitimate people on here as well. Anyone can look me up on the website, as my profile is there (slightly outdated I might add).