TV/Radio Appearances


A few appearances about Sex at Dawn, plus some other related videos just for fun.

radio shows

Duncan Trussell (2)

19/09/12 07:58


Duncan Trussell

04/07/12 18:08

Beers with comedian Duncan Trussell

At Elliot Bay Books (Seattle)

25/02/11 06:37


Oprah radio (Dr. Oz)

23/02/11 12:25


Savage Love II

22/12/10 00:20


Polyamory Weekly

27/11/10 05:57

My chat with Cunning Minx in the front seat of her car.
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Pat Morrison (KPCC)

15/11/10 23:48

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The Osgood file II

25/07/10 11:17

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The Osgood File I

25/07/10 09:25

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Savage Love I

14/07/10 04:15

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Dave Ross (KIRO)

12/07/10 23:50

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SiriusXM Radio

11/07/10 00:41

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big think

dangerous minds

msnbc: beer vs sex?

thom hartmann


bonobo orgy

Here’s a brief segment where Frans de Waal discusses the importance of sex in bonobo society.

dolphin sex

Univ. chicago