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Ever wanted to hang with a dominatrix, comedian, famous health guru, or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.

189 - Pree Kastelic (Appalachian Trail)

Pree spent six months on the Appalachian Trail, searching for organic time and hoping to avoid becoming the kind of person who spends their life wishing they'd taken the time to take some time for themselves. You can follow her on Instagram at @preeconceptions. This conversation was recorded just 20 days after she'd returned to "the real world," or its opposite. Download this episode.

Music: "Sailor Song," by The Blind Owl Band. "Guaranteed," by Eddie Vedder.

188 - Tom Spanbauer (Dangerous Writer)

Photo: Michael Sage Ricci

Photo: Michael Sage Ricci

Tom Spanbauer is the critically acclaimed author and founder of Dangerous Writing. As a writer he has explored issues of race, of sexual identity, of how we make a family for ourselves in order to surmount the limitations of the families into which we are born. His five  published novels Faraway Places, The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon, In The City Of Shy Hunters, Now Is The Hour, and I Loved You More (Hawthorne Books, April 2014), are notable for their combination of a fresh and lyrical prose style with solid storytelling (text and photo shamelessly lifted from Tom's site). Download this episode.

Music: "I Wish I Was a Cowboy," by S.E. Rogie

185 - ROMA 3

I respond to two listener emails in this one:

1. How to handle old friendships gone sour.

2. How did/do hunter-gatherers treat people with disabilities?

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184 - In Jake Johannsen's Kitchen

JJ, in his natural environment.

JJ, in his natural environment.

Jake and I drink too much coffee and discuss what to do when you get sand in your twat, the dubious nature of having a circus-sized penis, guaranteed basic income, blind pigs looking for acorns, digital cats, and the coming Age of Trumpocracy.

Jake's site.

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"Lonely are the Brave," by Man Made Lake (sung by Colin Craveiro).

183 - Dan Engle (Integrative Psychiatry)

Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a practicing psychiatrist, board certified in psychiatry and neurology. He graduated medical school at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, and finished his residency in psychiatry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. After residency he completed a fellowship in child psychiatry at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.

His current practice combines functional medicine with integrative psychiatry to enhance the foundations of regenerative health and peak performance training. Before completing his medical degree he was a collegiate soccer player for St. Edwards University in Austin. (Bio and photo from Dan's bio at Onnit.com, where he consults.)

Music: Olu Dara, "Neighborhoods."

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181 - Dan Pardi (Sleep/Health Researcher)

Dan Pardi is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the fields of sleep and health research. He does research with the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department at Stanford, and the Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. His current research looks at how sleep influences decision making (publications). Dan also works with Naval Special Warfare to help the most elite fighters in the world maintain vigilant performance in both combat and non-combat conditions. Download this episode.

Dan's site.

Music: "California Dreamin," Funkadelic. "So Long, Lonesome," Explosions in the Sky.

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