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Organic, revealing conversation with fascinating, freaky folks.
Ever wanted to hang with a dominatrix, comedian, famous health guru, or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.

87 - Mandy


A Korean kid in the American South, adopted by people who probably shouldn't have, lesbian, super-smart Harvard student, stand-up comic, diagnosed with an incurable disease at 30 ... Mandy has been there and there and there and back. Please join us for this powerful, heartfelt conversation about belonging, family, and that familiar feeling that you're getting better and dying at the same time. Download.

86 - Richard Satnick

The only man I know who has passed a joint to a chimp—sitting next to him in a tree, no less! Richard is a man of many dimensions. In part 1 of what I hope will be a multi-part series, we talk about his education, his first foray into business with one of America's first mountain bike shops, and what lessons rugby imparts in the "third half," among many other fruitful tangents. Download.

85 - Ceara Lynch (Humiliatrix)

Ceara is a sweet, smart, sexy young woman who degrades, dismisses and denigrates men over the internet. And they pay her handsomely to do it! What a world. Download.

84 - Dennis McKenna

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

One of the leading ethnobotanists in the world, Dennis has just published a fantastic memoir about his fascinating life (much of it shared with his very famous brother, Terence) called Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. Download.

81 - Geoffrey Miller

One of the leading thinkers in the emerging field of Evolutionary Psychology, Miller has written two well-received books: one on how sexual selection favors the evolution of non-physical traits like creativity, generosity, and morality (The Mating Mind), and another on how advertisers are co-opting our innate, evolved desire to be "cool" in order to attract mates (Spent). Currently an Associate Professor at University of New Mexico, he's also currently collaborating with controversial author, Tucker Max (a previous guest) on Mating Grounds, a multi-media project to help young men get a better handle on dealing with women. Download.

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80 - Peter Boghossian & Friends

Join Peter, Andy Gurevich, and me at Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House, where we talk about religion, sex, love, and beer. Then some very interesting friends of Peter's show up, including a hot young humiliatrix, named Ceara. Download.

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79 - Professor Andrew Gurevich

Former Christian minister, current pagan madman, Professor Andrew Gurevich is back by popular demand. Many are the tangents we go down in this conversation that runs around like a headless chicken. Download this episode.

78 - Carsie Blanton Returns!

Join us for this conversation that ranges from the mysteries of the creative process to getting turned on by live performance to why dumb jokes can still be funny. Carsie sings her newest song, To Be Known, which left me speechless.

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75 - Alec Dixon (SC Labs)

Get ready to geek out over this crazy conversation with Alec, who helps run one of the largest marijuana labs around. In addition to some seriously informative talk about the mysteries of one of the planet's most complex, useful plants, Alec tells us what it's like to lose 100 pounds, spend 85 days at sea in a submarine, and cruise under the North Pole in a hot rack. Join us, live (sort of) at Lompok Brewery's Hedge House in beautiful Portland. Download this episode.

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74 - Kevin Johnson (Float)

Kevin invited us to a free float at the Zero Gravity Institute. It blew my mind—so much that I asked him to sit down and tell me his story. How's a guy become a float-tank guru? This episode sponsored by HelloFresh. Use code HELLOSPEAKING for $20 off your first order. Also sponsored by MyPakage. Enter SEX at checkout for a chance at a free pair. And SquareSpace.com. Use SEX to get 10% off your web site. Listen/download this episode.

73 - Josh Mohland (DogeCoin)

Josh is founder and CEO of Wow Such Business, creators of the dogetipbot, which allows people to exchange DogeCoins on Reddit. We talk about BitCoin, DogeCoin, the future of banking, and the effects of the Internet on monetary policy. Wide-ranging and unexpected, to say the least.

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72 - Shrimp Parade (Rogan/Trussell)

In the sixth episode in the Shrimp Parade series, we hear about Joe's grandmother's nasty monkey, Duncan's retreat into the wilds of Big Sur, and the distinction between penises that grow vs. show. Download.

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71 - Andrew Gurevich

Professor of World Religions and World Literature, AG is a very smart dude. But he's much more than just another egg head. The path that brought him to an academic career began on Riker's Island and passed through many crazy, wild worlds before arriving at Mt. Hood Community College. Download.

70 - Tucker Max

Tucker Max famously declared himself an asshole. Whatever the veracity of that claim, he's undoubtedly very smart, very funny, and a savvy businessman. In this conversation—one of the first to be recorded in his Austin studio—Tucker talks about the long and winding road from trouble-making law student to mega bestselling author. Download.

69 - Daniel Vitalis

Happy May Day! Daniel Vitalis is all about rewilding the human species. He wants to go beyond food and exercise to deeper questions about what is the proper and natural way for us to live on this planet. Download.

68 - John Durant

On The Colbert Report.

On The Colbert Report.

Author of The Paleo Manifesto, pal of Steven Pinker, Harvard graduate, John Durant is also a really nice guy — much to my surprise and chagrin. We talk evolution, disgust, and the precise meaning of "virginity," among other things. Download.