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88 - Myq Kaplan & Zach Sherwin

Myq and Zach are LA-based comics. They've appeared in all those places comics appear: Letterman, Conan, clubs throughout the land. They're both very into words. Myq studied linguistics and Zach raps like a mutha. Download.

87 - Mandy


A Korean kid in the American South, adopted by people who probably shouldn't have, lesbian, super-smart Harvard student, stand-up comic, diagnosed with an incurable disease at 30 ... Mandy has been there and there and there and back. Please join us for this powerful, heartfelt conversation about belonging, family, and that familiar feeling that you're getting better and dying at the same time. Download.

Lots of people have been sending emails, asking Mandy to give more details on her research and personal experiences. Since it's difficult for her to write a lot, there's no way to answer everyone individually, but she wanted to get the information out there, so she's put together the following list of materials and advice for you. I can't imagine how much work it took to write all this on an iPhone!



I will continue to update this list here so keep checking back. It is helping me organize my thoughts for my book. Also remember to use Chris' link on the right for amazon purchases to help support the podcast!

Learn about ozone therapy

Learn about Lyme disease - it may be what's wrong

Learn about stress from Robert Sapolsky

Learn about epigenetics with Sapolsky and Gabor Maté in their incredible human nature documentary

Listen to Gabor Maté bring the seemingly disparate areas of child development, autoimmune disease, and addiction together under the unified system of the real problem: capitalism

Autoimmune disease

Addiction: the other side of autoimmune disease

Best book on diet ever. Make your own food. Cut through the fad diets.

Here's the author giving a really interesting lecture

Nice all around macrobiotic diet book

Great book on cancer, which is also a autoimmune disease

Awesome breakdown of esoterica. Straight forward and really smart this book really demystifies mysticism and the occult and covers a ton of ground.

Just like religion medicine also went from the divine feminine to a patriarchy. Learn what medicine should be by learning what it was.

Making Sex

Woman in the body

Sexing the Body

For sexual abuse wisdom this was helpful and compassionate. Too Jesus-y for my taste but the insights way overpower any objections.

I like how Bruce Frantzis does Taoism and I really like Taoism. An insight I had came when I learned that both Peruvian shamans and Taoist monks were describing viruses and cells and molecules 4500 years ago by looking inward. They were doing the same thing except Taoists do it by sitting in a room alone for decades whereas drinking ayahuasca is a bit of a shortcut. He is the only westerner w eastern lineage. It is bc his master dreamt a white man would appear precisely when Bruce showed up. Or the legend goes.
Must own for any internal energy work:

Learn water meditation and all the energetic layers of the universe according to Taoism (it is profound)

Here's a nice free meditation lesson by him. You can buy the CD if you dig this guy.

Learn this tai Chi set. My primary care MD who does Chinese energy work on me does this set every morning

Get down with mind-body therapy. Gabor Maté suggested this place for the Boston area. Also a good resource. http://www.bensonhenryinstitute.org Chris is certainly right that the opp of stress is relaxation - so google relaxation response. For me a lot of that has come via euphoria.

There are high level places Bruce Frantzis won't share until you are high enough level. But Damo Mitchell does. I've enjoyed his books.

Amazing book on internal acupoke. Just outstanding.

Be your own shaman, bitches.

If you are interested in ayahuasca I highly recommend Jung's Red Book.
Here's a great write up about it.

Must read for anyone who loves women or wishes to understand them or struggles to be one. The idea that the immune system is that sacred space where material and immaterial meet is one I'm still digesting.

Anyone interested in end of life care or the medical system - practically and philosophically will want to check out this series of lectures. Though I often critique Harvard and (its role in gatekeeping) mainstream medicine, it is also where I learned I was presented with its most thorough critique.

A word: my personal stance on this issue is that it is not necessary to euthanize *if u want to live*. It is mostly necessary for the elderly who have entered morbidity. While I believe fully in euthanasia and each persons right to control their own destiny, I do think it is not necessary in MANY cases and the desire is a result in mainstream medicine to address pain/depression. Euthanasia clinics in progressive European will not assist patients who are depressed. Don't give up (unless you're super old). There are ways to ease your suffering. One way is to call a spiritual hotline. Unlike suicide hotlines they are not a health professional and therefore not required to report if you are suicidal. You can also call back and speak to the same person if you need ongoing support.

Anyone interested in assisted suicide:

They also have a book:

Stop using stressful chemicals. Google neem, dettol, ozone oil, thieves oil, raw milk, colostrum. Use natural toothpaste. Tea tree oil mouthwash. Use white vinegar to clean. Use what has been available since before 1930. Detergent. Dish soap. Everything. Start over in the woods of the mind. Talk to your grandparents. Ask them about their grandparents. Ask them about castor oil. Don't wait for modernity to crumble. You can ditch a lot of it now. Also get your metal fillings out of your head! Get down with holistic dentistry. Google around and learn about how each tooth relates to a meridian and organ.

The best descriptions I've read about all these different fancy sounding massage modalities are by my friend Christian who studies Shakespeare. If you're in the UK check him out. It's apparently not all complete bullshit!

Other modalities:
Tui na
Visceral manipulation
Alice bailey based energy work
Spooning / gerston

Here is a site to get good info.http://biopark.org
If you are poor/sick there are retreats out there that offer scholarships. One of them is run by Gabor Maté.

I talk in the podcast about doing it by myself but didn't get to talk much about leading up to it. I would never advise anyone to do it alone as I have. I did TONS of research before I did it and I have serious research capabilities due to my access to Harvard. I also got the green light from the universe and a shaman who taught me everything he could to prepare me. Its a wild story I hope to share someday. For example I knew I was on the right path bc the dude sounds like he would be Chris' younger bro or something.

If you are physically able to go to a retreat and not homebound then that is your path. I had no choice. The tea found me. Not I it. And when I fought and struggled to get a shaman it wouldn't let me. And then when I finally was able to do it I understood for I was told "Hello friend. We're sorry for all this. But we had to get you alone. That is why you are suffering so. So that you couldn't do it with others - not even an ayahuascero." So please follow your path and do it w people who know what they're doing. Now that I am well enough to go to a retreat I will no longer be drinking the tea alone until called to do so.

One last point for those w physical limitations. Ayahuasca is VERY difficult. Despite my progress and how much I value my experiences in the ether it is my least favorite thing to do. It is so difficult especially if you're sick bc it is physically so difficult (psycho-spiritual Olympics) and on top of that you clearly already have physical blockages. So go EASY.

Also a few helpful things i learned that really helped me during the experiences:
*Know that you may feel like you're going to die and that you may die in a real way, but the tea has never killed anyone physically who did it properly.
*if you're sick your breathing probably isn't great. In your waking life try to be mindful of your breathing and keep it long and steady - especially during intense moments. Ayahuasca is intense and there have been times i have had to call upon others to remind me to breathe. I recommend Bruce Frantzis for this. But you're going to breathe through your journey and your life. Breath in Latin means "spirit" and is the measure of our spiritual life in our physical bodies.
*plan ahead to take it easy the next day.
*feel your energy body in a waking state. Its just a taste. But I found that as much as I want to leave my body, when push came to shove I begged, kicked, clawed, and argued to stay in it. I enjoy these exercises and while I still find it all incredibly strange I can't deny how helpful they are.
Ben has many talents including the #1 astrology podcast in America. So check him out for consultations if he feels right to you. He was told by the ayahuasca that he is a shaman and it changed his whole life.
*I like a fresh bed and soft clothes afterwards. You'll want a great night sleep so I try to have everything nice and ready before my ceremony.
*there is much discussion on how strict diet needs to be, whether or not you can smoke weed, if you have to be abstinent prior, etc. Some changes in diet is ok. I know some retreats will give people some salt to help ground them in between sessions for example. If you have questions about these things ask the people who will be sharing your experience with you. I personally found marijuana to be quite helpful when the tea told me to add it to our ceremony and I am now able to access parts of that with only marijuana now. So listen.
*some very generous people offered me their spirit during my sessions and I do the same for you. My ego may not know you but my spirit is happy to help you if you should call upon me during your experience. So perhaps I'll be seeing you on the other side.

*  *  *

More on Lyme disease:

Lyme disease is simple actually. Consider urself lucky. Also consider urself lucky that u know u have it. It is going to be a long painful difficult treatment but it will not cost much. U should find a naturopath w experience in healing Lyme and uses a rife machine (they exist on the west coast). But to save money (ur looking at maybe 15 years - but u WILL be cured) buy ur own machine and treat urself.

1. Watch the royal rife story. Scroll down on this page.

2. Google Doug coil machine

3. Learn about Tesla and his vibration machines. And just about Tesla.

4. Buy a rife machine. I recommend this guy.http://www.actioncoilmachines.com. Tell him I sent you.

5. Buy this book to use ur machine.http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0976379708?pc_redir=1409317988&robot_redir=1
The guy IMO is a douche. Even on his vids he's on YouTube I'm like how can u live w urself. He has a wealth of info tho. He's just profiting off it in a way that lacks compassion - similar to the assessment I just made about him. Lol

6. Buy an ozone machine and get a steam sauna. The rife machine is going to kill off the Lyme and its going to SUUUUUUCK while ur body detoxes. So detox in the most pleasant way possible sweating it out relaxing in a sauna filled w the killer. Watch the ozone vid I posted.
Reach out to Paul to buy generator and such. Tell him I sent you. http://www.ozonatedoilonline.com/home.html But buy ur sauna on amazon.

7. Get the Lyme diet book. Its going to help the nasty detox effects of killing off the Lyme.

8. Or try the tea first. But even so read check out the above. There's a message there for u. The shaman who helped me knew a girl who was cured of Lyme in one session. It was the worst 6 hours of her life but when it was done she was clean.

9. Watch under our skin on Netflix. Its important that u understand the lesson that surrounds Lyme disease. U r part of a much bigger problem.

10. Remember ur problem isn't Lyme disease. Most ppl have the pathogen and it doesn't disable them. It only takes down certain ppl. So think about that. U were vulnerable and u need to address that vulnerability.

86 - Richard Satnick

The only man I know who has passed a joint to a chimp—sitting next to him in a tree, no less! Richard is a man of many dimensions. In part 1 of what I hope will be a multi-part series, we talk about his education, his first foray into business with one of America's first mountain bike shops, and what lessons rugby imparts in the "third half," among many other fruitful tangents. Download.

85 - Ceara Lynch (Humiliatrix)

Ceara is a sweet, smart, sexy young woman who degrades, dismisses and denigrates men over the internet. And they pay her handsomely to do it! What a world. Download.

84 - Dennis McKenna

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

One of the leading ethnobotanists in the world, Dennis has just published a fantastic memoir about his fascinating life (much of it shared with his very famous brother, Terence) called Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. Download.

81 - Geoffrey Miller

One of the leading thinkers in the emerging field of Evolutionary Psychology, Miller has written two well-received books: one on how sexual selection favors the evolution of non-physical traits like creativity, generosity, and morality (The Mating Mind), and another on how advertisers are co-opting our innate, evolved desire to be "cool" in order to attract mates (Spent). Currently an Associate Professor at University of New Mexico, he's also currently collaborating with controversial author, Tucker Max (a previous guest) on Mating Grounds, a multi-media project to help young men get a better handle on dealing with women. Download.

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80 - Peter Boghossian & Friends

Join Peter, Andy Gurevich, and me at Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House, where we talk about religion, sex, love, and beer. Then some very interesting friends of Peter's show up, including a hot young humiliatrix, named Ceara. Download.

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79 - Professor Andrew Gurevich

Former Christian minister, current pagan madman, Professor Andrew Gurevich is back by popular demand. Many are the tangents we go down in this conversation that runs around like a headless chicken. Download this episode.

78 - Carsie Blanton Returns!

Join us for this conversation that ranges from the mysteries of the creative process to getting turned on by live performance to why dumb jokes can still be funny. Carsie sings her newest song, To Be Known, which left me speechless.

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75 - Alec Dixon (SC Labs)

Get ready to geek out over this crazy conversation with Alec, who helps run one of the largest marijuana labs around. In addition to some seriously informative talk about the mysteries of one of the planet's most complex, useful plants, Alec tells us what it's like to lose 100 pounds, spend 85 days at sea in a submarine, and cruise under the North Pole in a hot rack. Join us, live (sort of) at Lompok Brewery's Hedge House in beautiful Portland. Download this episode.

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74 - Kevin Johnson (Float)

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73 - Josh Mohland (DogeCoin)

Josh is founder and CEO of Wow Such Business, creators of the dogetipbot, which allows people to exchange DogeCoins on Reddit. We talk about BitCoin, DogeCoin, the future of banking, and the effects of the Internet on monetary policy. Wide-ranging and unexpected, to say the least.

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72 - Shrimp Parade (Rogan/Trussell)

In the sixth episode in the Shrimp Parade series, we hear about Joe's grandmother's nasty monkey, Duncan's retreat into the wilds of Big Sur, and the distinction between penises that grow vs. show. Download.

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71 - Andrew Gurevich

Professor of World Religions and World Literature, AG is a very smart dude. But he's much more than just another egg head. The path that brought him to an academic career began on Riker's Island and passed through many crazy, wild worlds before arriving at Mt. Hood Community College. Download.