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204 - Wim Hof (The Iceman)

Wim Hof is an extraordinary man. He holds a slew of world records and has done things like climb within spitting distance of the summit of Mount Everest in shorts, run marathons above the arctic circle in shorts and in the Kalahari desert without water, sit in ice water for 90 minutes, swim under icebergs.... You get the picture. But what's most interesting is the work he's doing to show how disease and discomfort can be addressed through intention and breath work.  Download this episode.

Music: "Brightside of the Sun," by Basin and Range; "Little Gardens," by Eric Vitoff; "Ice," by Daniel Lanois; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton.

Playing to the mountains and the setting sun in Huesca.

203 - ROMA 9

The inherently fraudulent nature of fame, fortune, and beauty; premature ejaculation; traditional education; the Unabomber, and existential despair.

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How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change (iTunes link).

Music: "Rafiki," by Zap Mama; "Mykonos," by Fleet Foxes.

201 - ROMA 8

A man in his 30s starts to think he might be gay, a young couple wonder about seeing other people, a couple try to deal with a rape. Download link.

200 - Willem (Safari Guide, Namibia)

Willem (seated)

Willem (seated)

Willem was the guide on my 9-day tour of southern Africa. Over the course of our trip, I grew to know and like him. He's quiet, but runs deep, as you'll hear. He works for Wild Dog Safaris, based in Windhoek, Namibia. I did the 9 day Delta and Vic Falls trip, but they've got everything from day trips to month-long excursions. (I didn't get any discounts or anything in exchange for this. I just really liked Willem, so if you go, please tell them Willem brought in the business.) Special shout-out to my drunken comrades by the fire...

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Music: "Na Ye" by Toto Bono Luaka; "Nomvula" by Freshlyground; "Pygmy Lullaby" by Jan Garbarek.

Not a video, but a lovely version of the song.

NYU Steinhardt Jazz Interview Series at SubCulture in New York. Dr. David Schroeder interviews legendary musician Richard Bona.

199 - David Ley (Sexologist)

David, with the Great American Dick.

David, with the Great American Dick.

Here's David, chatting with Anderson Cooper, challenging the legitimacy of a sex addiction diagnosis, aired on January 26, 2012

David Ley is a sexologist, therapist, blogger at Psychology Today, and author of three important books that challenge mainstream views of human sexuality. Download this episode.

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The Myth of Sex Addiction
By David J. Ley PhD. Author of the forthcoming Ethical Porn For Dicks A Man's Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure
Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them
By David J. Ley PhD. Author of the forthcoming Ethical Porn For Dicks A Man's Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure

197 - Rivah Winter (Marine Biologist)

Rivah Winter is a marine biologist at the University of Miami. As of 2017, she'll be at the Frost Museum of Science. Together with Andrew Baker, she won the CappSci Inventors award in 2016 "for her work in developing a laboratory methods to increase coral resistance to bleaching events by promoting thermally tolerant symbionts," whatever the hell that means. I'm clearly out of my league in this one. Download this episode.

Music: "Free Ride," Edgar Winter Group.

Frost Museum of Science.

My conversation with Ginger, Rivah's grandmother.