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Organic, revealing conversation with fascinating, freaky folks.
Ever wanted to hang with a dominatrix, comedian, famous health guru, or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.

98 - Rick Doblin (MAPS)

In 1972, Rick decided to dedicate his life to bringing psychedelics out of the shadows and into laboratories and clinicians' offices. His path has included a PhD from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and the founding of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). In recent years, Rick's persistence has started paying off—to the benefit of thousands of people whose suffering can be alleviated by these powerful, sacred substances. MAPS has funded research involving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for terminal cancer patients, victims of sexual abuse, and veterans suffering from PTSD—among many other applications.  Download. Visit MAPS.

97 - Amber Lyon (journalist/psychonaut)

Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, filmmaker, photographer, and explorer known for her use of submersion journalism, or becoming part of the story, to find the truth. Lyon is the founder of the news site, www.reset.me and the web show and podcast Reset with Amber Lyon. Lyon has traveled the world investigating natural cures, focusing on the ancient use of entheogens to treat and purge trauma.  She ventured deep into the Amazon to study the Shipibo use of the psychoactive brew Ayahuasca, and studied medicinal mushroom use by native curanderas in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia. Reset.me Download.

95 - Hound Tall (Moshe Kasher & Friends)

Moshe Kasher

Moshe Kasher

Nicky Glazer

Nicky Glazer

Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll

This is a special episode. I was on stage at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater in Hollywood with comedians Moshe Kasher, Nicky Glazer, and Nick Kroll. I think the idea was roughly to make fun of me and my wacky theories for an hour. I had a blast, as you'll hear, and gave them plenty of material to work with. Download the hilarity.

94 - Aidan Raley (Modern Hobo)

When Aidan's car broke down four years ago, that was the last straw. He quit his job, threw his stuff into a bag, and hit the road, where he's been ever since. A young man who is clearly on an authentic quest of some sort, he's smart, articulate, and very thoughtful. This episode features his original music (and a cameo by Werner Herzog, just because). If you want to support him on his travels, you can download Aidan's music here at your own price. Download.

93 - Stephen O'Donnell (Artist)

The Judgement of Paris - Athena (2014)

The Judgement of Paris - Athena (2014)

Stephen O'Donnell paints exquisite "historicized self-portraits" in which his face appears in some unexpected places. Check out his work here. Download.

92 - Tonia Mills

Dr. Tonia Mills is an anthropologist with an additional degree in child development. She lived for years with the Beaver Indians of British Columbia and has studied many aspects of their society—particularly their beliefs around reincarnation. One of the many fascinating people I've met thanks to Stanley Krippner, Tonia shares some fascinating, intimate stories from her life among the Beaver people. Download this episode.

Full download of the interview with Jonnie Hughes.

Jonnie's site

91 - Thaddeus Russell Returns

I don't always agree with renegade historian Thad Russell—you'll hear that we disagree passionately about "Death Panels" and whether Americans die in the streets—but I respect his intelligence and ballsy insistence on telling it like he sees it. Check out Thad's book. Download.

88 - Myq Kaplan & Zach Sherwin





Myq and Zach are LA-based comics. They've appeared in all those places comics appear: Letterman, Conan, clubs throughout the land. They're both very into words. Myq studied linguistics and Zach raps like a mutha. Download.

87 - Mandy


A Korean kid in the American South, adopted by people who probably shouldn't have, lesbian, super-smart Harvard student, stand-up comic, diagnosed with an incurable disease at 30 ... Mandy has been there and there and there and back. Please join us for this powerful, heartfelt conversation about belonging, family, and that familiar feeling that you're getting better and dying at the same time. Download.

86 - Richard Satnick

The only man I know who has passed a joint to a chimp—sitting next to him in a tree, no less! Richard is a man of many dimensions. In part 1 of what I hope will be a multi-part series, we talk about his education, his first foray into business with one of America's first mountain bike shops, and what lessons rugby imparts in the "third half," among many other fruitful tangents. Download.

85 - Ceara Lynch (Humiliatrix)

Ceara is a sweet, smart, sexy young woman who degrades, dismisses and denigrates men over the internet. And they pay her handsomely to do it! What a world. Download.

84 - Dennis McKenna

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

Sorry to be photobombing my own guest, but it was the best shot of Dennis!

One of the leading ethnobotanists in the world, Dennis has just published a fantastic memoir about his fascinating life (much of it shared with his very famous brother, Terence) called Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. Download.

81 - Geoffrey Miller

One of the leading thinkers in the emerging field of Evolutionary Psychology, Miller has written two well-received books: one on how sexual selection favors the evolution of non-physical traits like creativity, generosity, and morality (The Mating Mind), and another on how advertisers are co-opting our innate, evolved desire to be "cool" in order to attract mates (Spent). Currently an Associate Professor at University of New Mexico, he's also currently collaborating with controversial author, Tucker Max (a previous guest) on Mating Grounds, a multi-media project to help young men get a better handle on dealing with women. Download.

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80 - Peter Boghossian & Friends

Join Peter, Andy Gurevich, and me at Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House, where we talk about religion, sex, love, and beer. Then some very interesting friends of Peter's show up, including a hot young humiliatrix, named Ceara. Download.

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