My TED talk has racked up millions of views! (TED.com & YouTube)

I get a lot of screen time on this episode of Explained.

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Taken from atop the Jaguar Temple, full moon, April, 1989.

Taken from atop the Jaguar Temple, full moon, April, 1989.


It's an honor to have one of my travel stories featured on the legendary story-telling podcast,  Risk!  Kevin Allison and his team did an amazing job producing this story. I've told this story before, but never heard it like this—not even in my own head. Not even very late at night. If you enjoy how they put this together, be sure to go to the Risk! site and check out some other episodes.

I was invited to appear on NPR's TED Radio Hour, and asked to comment on Lust, as one of the Seven Deadly Sins. As you might suspect, I questioned the premise. I'm the first guest you'll hear, but I've uploaded the whole show here. Here's the link to the NPR page, with text, comments, etc.

I think this is one of the better interviews I've done, with my pal, Thad Russell.

An illustrated interpretation of our book that hit the web recently, by FightMediocrity.

A recent interview with Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks.

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Come get you a shirt!

Come get you a shirt!

Excerpt from a video about "Her" the Spike Jonze film. I come on at about 9.50 or so.

If you're interested in seeing me in an in-depth, adversarial conversation with someone who is extremely well-versed in the research we presented in Sex at Dawn, but who disagrees profoundly with our conclusions, check out this BloggingHeads conversation I had with Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal, Nonzero, and many other books.  Please try to ignore my Benjamin Franklin hairdo. What was I thinking?

Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #614 with Christopher Ryan, PhD (https://youtu.be/MQAZTB1gkN0). http://podcasts.joerogan.net https://www.youtube.com/c/paulytoon

Sting reading _Sex at Dawn_-1.jpg

There was a pretty sweet illustrated essay published recently in Jezebel by/about a young woman deciding/discovering she's polyamorous. Our book played a role in her awakening, so I'm depicted, with a very red nose.

From my TED talk.

From my TED talk.

Here's an amazing animation of a story I sometimes wish I'd never told...