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242 - ROMA 17

Love, drugs, travel, money, sex ... the usual. 



  • "Listen to the DJ," Z-Trip & Lateef.
  • "Another Day," Joel Havea Trio.
  • "Stay in Bed," Charlie Haggard.
  • "South 2nd," Coco Rosie.
  • "Geulis," Sabah Habas Mustapha.
  • "Grillos," Paco Fernandez.

241 - The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are spreading the message that finding the good life requires dumping all the unnecessary crap we tend to accumulate and living foot-loose and fancy-free. To which I say, hell yeah. Download this episode.

Notes: "A Place for My Stuff," by George Carlin; "I Used to Get High," by John Butler Trio.

The Minimalists' site (get tour info).

A very minimalist performance.

240 - ROMA 16

Why not to have kids, misuse of non-monogamy, why not check out of society, the end of friendships, on herpes, abandonment issues, life with a beauty queen.

Note: I messed up. I conflated Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). I've edited the audio file to clarify.

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Vice herpes article.


  1. All Night, Lateef & Z-Trip (Ahead of the Curve).
  2. Brownskin Girl, Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection.
  3. Tear Shit Up, Paris (Sonic Jihad).
  4. Can You Get to That? (Funkadelic).
  5. Promised Land, Ed Dupas (Tennessee Nights).
  6. Alaska, Maggie Rogers (Now that the Light is Fading).
  7. Vivre, Zap Mama (Ancestry in Progress).

239 - Ryan Cleek (Mountain Bike Journalist/Filmmaker)

Ryan winning Best Feature Documentary at the LA All Sports Film Festival in 2016.

Ryan winning Best Feature Documentary at the LA All Sports Film Festival in 2016.

Ryan Cleek (@cleekndestroy) has been on all sides of mountain biking, as a champion racer, journalist, and award-winning filmmaker. We talk about danger, thrills, and what drives someone to try to jump over a canyon on a bicycle. Download this episode.

More info on "Reach For The Sky." Ryan's photography is at his Instagram account (@cleekndestroy) and here.

Music: "Bomb the World," by Michael Franti.

My new ride. Thanks, Specialized and Ryan!

My new ride. Thanks, Specialized and Ryan!

238 - Jenny Nordbak (Mistress Scarlett)

Jenny spent a year and change working for a construction company during the day and moonlighting in a dungeon at night, where she learned a lot about men, sex, power dynamics, and herself. Her book about the experience is called The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an L.A. Dungeon.

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Find Jenny: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Music: "Alaska," by Maggie Rogers; "Settle Down," by Kimbra.

235 - ROMA 15

Ranting Out My Ass about: What constitutes success? Can a straight woman love a gay man? Is anyone living the American Dream? And a bonus story about watching a Buñuel film on LSD.

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Music: "Stand Up," by The Revivalists; "Red Handed," by Obadiah Parker; "Working for You," by Patrick Sweany; "Someone New," by Hozier: "Roll the Bones," by Shakey Graves.