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Tangentially Speaking

310 – Lisa Menna (Magician and Activist)

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Lisa Menna uses the wonder provoked by her magic tricks to trigger real magic: the kinds of thoughts that can make the world a better place. Having performed in over 40 countries, Lisa and her organization (Cause to Wonder) are working to show people around the world that good things come to those who respect and protect women and girls.


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Notes by Mike Buquicchio

Introduction (00:00-07:26)
(00:00) Introduction to Lisa, Scarlett Jovansson Update.
(05:35) – Downward trajectory of US politics.
Interview (07:27-1:02:46)
(07:27) Introduction banter
(08:27) Lisa’s current and future travel plans and the idea of being nice to women.
(10:27) Using magic to influence people/the world and manifest curiosity in everything.
(12:24) Experiences using magic in Africa, creating myths to change behavior.
(15:01) The Curiosity Curmudgeon Curve – Why older people dislike magic.
(19:58) Perception and impact of Lisa’s Mozambique performances
(22:40) Did Jesus do Magic? Missionaries hating on Magic.
(27:52) Theatre, social change and spreading the message.
(31:23) How many countries has Lisa been to? How is magic perceived in different cultures?
(34:32) Using subtle cultural cues in Magic to connect to audience and teach lessons. Various tricks Lisa
has up her sleeve and poop in the water!
(37:30) Cause to Wonder non-profit, using provocative events that create curiosity to develop adaptive
evolutionary thought and other missions.
(42:35) How Lisa got into magic and evolution of performances. Powerful story from Sri Lanka. Lisa’s
experience on Shark Tank.
(48:35) Beauty in humans from different parts of the world. Mustaches.
(50:10) Work in the corporate world. Opportunities to learn in the world.
(54:38) Fear vs Hate in cultures and personal lives.
(56:24) Internet and the impact on the curiosity and creative thoughts. Discussing wonder. Ending
(58:30) End of Interview.
(58:31) Outro
(01:00:13) “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton

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