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Tangentially Speaking

366 – Carsie Blanton (Singer / Songwriter / Troublemaker)

By March 4, 2019October 14th, 20194 Comments

Nobody writes songs like Carsie. They come from straight from her heart, her head, or her … shall we say, genital chakra. No filters. No shame. No prepackaged commercial nonsense. She’s unabashedly political, sexual, and animal. She’s one of my favorite Homo sapiens.

The essay I mention by Paul Graham is here.

To hear more from Carsie, listen to Episode #15 of A Millennial’s Guide to Saving the World.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Jacket” and “To Be Known” by Carsie Blanton.

Kyle’s episode with Brenden Ruh of SC Medicinals.


  • Rick says:

    Loved this episode Chris! I gotta say, a chat between you and Carsie’s father Brad Blanton would be amazing and a real treat.

    After watching a few short interviews with him on YouTube I’m certain you both would click and have a memorable conversation.

    If you were in Oz I would recommend some potential episode guests, but with you being in the US Brad Blanton is my recommendation 😉

    Best to you and Cassie

  • David Hamilton says:

    Marxism is just a patronizing "White Man’s Burden" version of history. You’re the ones suggesting that certain groups "can’t be trusted with freedom". Capitalists, for all their flaws generally believe that all races are capable of providing for their families.

    In hunter gatherer societies people worked 10 hours a week… But, you think "certain groups", need handouts to survive? Why? Do they not have 10 hours? Does doing something usefull not feel good to them? Marxism is a racist ideology.

    PS. Yes. Everything is easier for white people, and national healthcare is meh. Public education can be weaponized during wartime though.

  • flop top says:

    Phony revolutionary types piss me off because they talk big but would never follow through in real life. "Leave the oil in the ground" is an idealistic sentiment, but without burning lots and lots of oil, life as we know it does not exist. Would Carsie Blanton give up grocery store food, manufactured plastic? I doubt it. She probably doesn’t understand that the only reason most of us are alive at all is because oil allows for such huge population growth through the industrial food system. It’s naive, in my opinion, to turn to Marxism as a way to reject capitalism. No understanding of how economics works, pure idealism and historical ignorance.
    Oh god she’s saying "whiteness". I fucking hate ideology. Especially this recent identity politics sort of ideology. This is so disappointing.

  • ian says:

    This episode was great. Is this the cover of the Hey Ya song you mentioned?

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