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380 – Hunter Maats (Metacognitivist)

By June 16, 2019October 9th, 20193 Comments


  • Re. Ray Kurzweil ‘s attempt to "bring his father bact to life" I once came up with a thought experiment I called the "midget trans porn paradox"

    Let’s say Kurzweil ‘s dad had a really dark and terrible secret he never dared to share with ANYONE – in this case, he had a fetish for midget trans porn- and even though Ray could collect all the photos, writings, audio recordings and videos of his dad, and even used a lock of hair to extract his DNA, the android or clone he could cook up with all of that would still be an imperfect simulacrum, because the secret midget trans porn fetish would be missing.

    If only Ray’s dad would have kept a podcast to share all those little peccadillos and preserve them for all eternity, amirite, Chris? 😛

  • Peter Andersson says:

    This is in response to Red Pill Junkie: Scott Adams is trying to do just that, part of the reason he switched from blogging to daily podcasts (that are also filmed) two years ago, he’s letting it all hang out, including being sexually attracted to younger women, money, fame and his opinions (and reasons for them) on EVERYTHING.

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