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430 – ROMA 37

By August 5, 20205 Comments

I’ve been falling behind on the ROMAs, so here’s a mega-ROMA. Lotsa music, lotsa my dumb opinions on things like toilet paper, camp chairs, sexual communication, the Me Too movement, and how to have a good time on a sinking ship. Hope you find something of value in this tossed salad.

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Music: “Inner City Blues,” by Marvin Gaye; “Moment of Surrender,” by Nick Mulvey; “I Don’t Want to Be a Billionaire,” by Theo Katzman; “Two Warm Hands,” by Out of the Pine; “Mississippi,” by Afroman.


  • “Dicks are not magic wands.”

    Aleister Crowley may want a word with you, Doctor Ryan 😉

  • AvatarSteven says:

    Hey Chris ,

    just wanted to say that the origin of the word labour engl. or lavoro italian comes from the latin word laborare

    And know the funny part it litarally means TO SUFFER FROM SOMETING or to STRUGGLE TO EXHAUSTION.

    By the way same shit in German the word “Arbeit” wich hunter gatherers did not even know I think comes from

    arabeit old germanic term litarally translated means to struggle or doing something till exhausted

    Russian word robota = forced “labour” or to be a servant

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PODCAST and much love from Frankfurt am Main


  • Avatarnas says:

    How late night radio should be again. More of these please.

  • Avatarnas says:

    Chris I sense a bit of jealousy with your words towards Joe Rogan’s new 100 million wealth. Are you a Ph.D. in psychology ?

  • AvatarNas says:

    Also probably some of the worst advise you’ll ever hear.

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