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442 – ROMA 38 (Wear a Mask!)

By October 12, 2020October 14th, 20206 Comments


  • Miguel says:

    Dear Christopher,

    Please look into viruses in the tropical areas . A mortality rate of .13 with COVID is low don’t you think?
    You can where a mask , and vaccinate yourself . I don’t where a mask , i drink smoke and drive a bike and car without helmet . It’s my responsibility.
    I always enjoyed your leftist podcasts , you don’t encourage making kids . We made 6 already so you still have listeners in the future .
    Take care and don’t school me how to live ok?

  • Rob says:

    Chris, I couldn’t have said it better! I really appreciate you explaining the difference between ignorance and stupidity.

  • Jan says:

    well said

  • James says:

    I’ve read 3 of your books, followed your podcast for a while but I strongly disagree, I think you should have the freedom to muzzle yourself, If it works, you’re protected, and I’m the only one at risk. Get your vaccine too.
    For something that is less lethal than many other ailments and there are so many other things resulting because of the pandemic, suicides, domestic abuse, lack of overall health, psychological damage, if you can’t see how this is merely a part of taking away rights then I had you wrong.
    You’re falling into the community mentality and if you understand how the satanist/elitista running the country work, it’s about make us the plebs, feel guilty and shameful and dirty about ourselves, and they exploit our decency towards each other as human beings.
    Do you really think they follow any of this stuff, because they don’t.
    Even Fauci said masks can be worn to make you feel good but outside, in cars, they’re pointless, although I don’t believe much of what he says anyway.
    Destroy millions of people’s livelihood, put people against each other over petty things like masks.
    It’s so obvious. I taken aback you buy into it and even more so try to guilt others, which is exactly what they want.

    Wearing a mask to block a virus is like trying to catch flies with a chain link fence.

  • Clay Schmitz says:


    I thoroughly enjoy your books and the bulk of the podcast. Your Wim Hoff interview sold me on his authenticity and breathwork, I followed up with his course and a workshop.

    For me the whole premise behind wearing a mask is insane: dis-ease is out there, “others” are dangerous, and that distancing and isolation are heal-thy. If this is “living” I don’t want it, no thanks.

    I spent the past 6 months gathering with dozens (maybe hundreds) of friends and strangers at SF beaches wing foiling and surfing. Very few people wore masks and I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting sick nor dying. My parents are old and I have a young child.

    No amount of facts, studies, nor data can override my personal experience and intuition. The officials are almost always full of crap, they have a long history of lying and manipulating for their own agenda. Why would anyone trust them now?

    Even if masks are of some benefit, what’s the bottom line, increasing the statistical hypothetical odds of living by a few percentage points? There are hundreds of other life choices that can increase one’s odds of living or living longer. How about sugar, processed foods, not exercising?

    How about spreading fear and worrying, the power of suggestion? Most doctors agree stress and worry kills, this nonstop scare-demic has most certainly killed people – literally scaring people to death.

    Lastly I loath being told what to do, the demanding title triggers my FU reflex.


    • “No amount of facts, studies, nor data can override my personal experience and intuition.” Then you are not engaging in rational conversation, you are proclaiming your faith. I endeavor not to discuss people’s faith with them. It’s a waste of energy.

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